All About Attorneys

An attorney is an individual who practices law and represents the legal interests of different groups of people either in solving problems or in preventing them. As an attorney, your client's interest should be your greatest priority. There are different areas of specialisation for attorneys including family law, criminal law, medical law, real estate law and corporate law among others.

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The prosecutor is an attorney or team of attorneys on whom the burden of proof for a criminal case lies. In most cases, this is a government appointed attorney who works closely with the police to investigate and proof a case. For criminal proceedings such as in the criminal financial investigations, the prosecution is required to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt but this does not mean that the defendant's attorney should relax and wait for them to do this. It is the defendant's duty to show that the prosecution does not have a solid case against them.

Who needs lawyers?

Sometimes, people assume that only criminals require the services of an attorney. However, there are many situations that require the services of the lawyer including when acquiring or disposing off property or assets, when designing and executing corporate contracts, when getting into marriage -- for those who would like to sign prenuptial agreements, when consulting on matters that may give rise to legal matters and most importantly, when involved in a civil or criminal case.

Criminal attorney

Criminal attorneys represent the defendants in criminal proceedings. They are involved in the arrest, investigation and interrogation of the accused. They are also involved during sentencing to ensure that the law is upheld and that the rights of the accused are not violated. They can carry out their own independent investigations and then come up with the best strategy to defend their clients during the proceedings.

Family attorney

This is an attorney who specialises in family law, a branch of law that deals with how families relate with each other and other family issues. They deal with such things as adoption, surrogacy, divorce, legal separation, marriage and child protection. They will also help sort out paternity issues and figure out child custody matters in cases of legal separation or divorce. They will help in sorting out property issues that may arise as a result of divorce to prevent cases where certain members of the family are oppressed.

Why use attorneys?

As a lay person, the level at which you understand and interpret the law is limited. As such, actions that you may perceive innocent may land you in legal problems. In addition, you may overlook matters that you may not deem important, only to realise later that you made a mistake. Working with an attorney prevents such things from happening. The attorney will also defend you in a criminal case and ensure that you are not punished for crimes you did not commit. They will also ensure that your punishment is proportional to the crime committed.

Businesses use attorneys to minimise their liability. The attorneys interpret the law and advice the businesses on such matters as employee contracts, remuneration, the rights of the employee, safety and health standards. This ensures that the businesses comply to all legal requirements and therefore avoid legal suits that are both time consuming and expensive.